Soroptimist House of Hope Residential Recovery – Desert Hot Springs, CA

SHOH was established in 1981. Over the last 30+ years we have helped over 3,000 women begin a journey in recover and go on to live clean and sober productive lifestyles. The women are provided substance use disorder treatment services in a small, intimate social model setting. We firmly believe that our size makes the biggest difference in helping our women. The one-on-one attention each receives on a daily basis allows them to become a part of the program from day one. No one can hide or get lost at SHOH.

We are licensed and certified by the State of California Department of Health Care Services and have held a Substance Abuse Treatment Services contract with the County of Riverside since 1984. We are held in high regard by both the state and county with all reviews being passed with excellent results.

We have a full curriculum of meetings, classes and groups (both process and education) along with basic living skills that so many are lacking due to their addiction. If they cannot cook when they arrive, they can when they graduate. We focus on helping these women work 12 steps and giving them back some self-esteem to move forward and away from the old life of drugs and alcohol. We help reunite mothers and children and families in general.

Above all, we give our women hope and lots of love and encourage them every day to give the same to someone else.

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